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About John Smith

John Smith is a decorated Vietnam Veteran, after returning to the U. S. (welcome home John!) he was the Honor Graduate of his Drill Sergeant School at Fort Polk Academy, Louisiana.  Obtaining an early release to attend college, he graduated Magna Cum Laude from North Texas State University with a BBA in Accounting.



What People Say About Me

From Texas Tech University, “Mr. Smith’s insight from personal experience makes him eminently qualified to speak on the issue of ethics, especially the impact that ethical considerations have on business decisions, careers and lives”.

Texas Texas University

“John Smith tells in dramatic fashion what can happen…...the reaction from my students was apparent, that he deeply impressed them” and “John Smith’s contribution to the education of these students is incalculable…...with remarkable candor about his involvement, he got across some things that neither I nor most other professors can accomplish in a whole semester….he can make a unique contribution to generations of students”.

William J. Morris, Jr., UNT, Associate Professor

“Thank you so very much for an excellent presentation, our Regional Chairman considered you the best speaker we have had.”

Ann Quinn, Team Bank

“Many thanks for your presentation to my graduate seminar. It was outstanding…..Your presence to us was an occasion of rare quality. We are indebted.”

Vincent P. Apilado, Professor of Finance, University of Texas at Arlington

“Rarely do we have the pleasure of hearing such a polished speaker touch on such a thought-provoking topic………we enjoyed your speech tremendously.”

Sue Strickland, UTA Accounting Alumni Association

“….thank you for the outstanding presentation….your interesting and informative presentation on ethics was right on target. I genuinely believe that yours was the best ethics presentation that I have ever seen…”

Wendell E. Edwards, Professor and Head of Department of Accounting East Texas State University

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