Do you identify with any of  this? Accountability? Have you found yourself as one of these types lately?

So, let’s see if we can find out what’s going on here. One man denies it all, another can’t stand to hear about it and the man on the right makes sure everyone knows it wasn’t his fault. As teammates, it now appears they are experiencing the team’s fate for some lack of success, to say the least.

You could make a long list of the whys and the wherefores that could cause a “Communication Breakdown” like this one — and it’s not the Led Zeppelin type either, for those of you who have ears with only one dry side. It takes common ground and common interest to create a position for your fourth team mate known as accountability. It takes trust in each other and trust in what your objective is in order to lay the foundation for a successful expectation that all are aware of and expecting. Oh, and a little communication helps too!

You could begin by saying it starts with trust, that each of you are capable of playing your part in successfully achieving the goal that each of you have agreed to, the goal that each of you has signed on to, the goal that each of you has signed off on. If you’re hoping for great results, then hopefully each of you have invested the time and the energy it takes for the task at hand, and all of you are confident that those who share the same vision of success are the ones next to you; shoulder to shoulder, elbow to elbow, hand to hand.

Accountability is only one part of what it takes not just to create integrity for yourself, but to create a culture of integrity for all to enjoy, to bask in.

John Gordon Smith Ethics Speaker