Creating a Culture of Integrity

Working Together As One

Oneness, this ought to be easy, but often it’s not.  “Being on the same page”, “getting in the same boat”, “waiting on the same count” are all sayings that sometimes are easier said than done. Why?

Could be lots of reasons; some listening to a different beat, some having their own agenda, or some just feeling insecure about themselves. So, where do we go with this, what do we do?

First we have to identify that, which we have in common; the thread that sews us together. For instance, the earthquake and tsunami that hit northern Japan revealed the societal glue of their culture.  With all the destruction, there was no looting, savagery, assaulting of care givers. Why?

Because they believe in one another, they have deep respect for one another, a common goal that works for all. As ethical beings, they have proved the rest of us to be second, third and fourth place finishers.

The message from this is that you don’t need a national disaster to bring about these qualities in each other, in our schools, in our work or in our homes. These characteristics, these attributes are already within us, waiting on a simple prompt to be called forth to help us tackle the task at hand.  These traits are the tools that create a culture of integrity.

John Gordon Smith Ethics Speaker