Integrity Is Who You Are – Your DNA

IntegritySince we seem, once again, to be faced with another shortage of integrity coming from the direction of our elected ones in Washington D. C., it’s time we begin to speculate on what the cost would be, in case we need to arrange a transfusion of integrity to make right their deceptive souls. Buying integrity for this purpose leads us to what should be paid and if you’re the seller, the concern would be how much should be charged. To determine this, we would need to establish a standard of measure — by the ounce or by the pound, maybe by the physical dimensions or cubic volume involved.

But before we find a way to measure it, we would first need to know how we are going to dispense it, possibly by blending it in easily or having it swallowed hard. It’s quite possible that there may be reactions from the recipients in case the qualities of the integrity involved are different in their degree of purity.

Nevertheless, this may not be as easy as initially thought, for it may not mix well at all or at least cause a long period of adaption before we see any expected improvement. Facing these obstacles, we should realize that integrity is much like a person’s DNA, because integrity is not just a part of you, IT REALLY IS YOU.
This is something most people don’t think about, don’t even know that this characteristic of theirs even exists. Hello out there; people really are watching you. They may be admiring you or they could be hating you for what your are, for what you do. Which one?
It all depends on what you project, what you unknowingly send out into the world about yourself and what you think of others. Are you caring or selfish, warm or icy, open to new thoughts and concepts or closed tight wearing a sign saying do not disturb? Put a finger on your own pulse of integrity to see what kind of reading you get.

For those of you who believe as I do, that as a nation we suffer from IDD, integrity deficit disorder, it’s time you joined a group that believes the same as you.